Did you hear? mini-monogram is on it's way out

  1. While I was shopping for some LV stuff the SA mentioined that by next year mini-monogram will be discontinued!!! So, I grabbed the "Josephine" in kaki..LOL
  2. yes i heard...
  3. I think someone posted a thread on this last week or so??
  4. Good, I don't like that line lol (don't mean to offend mini-lovers), hope they replace it with some other awesome collection!
  5. There is a simlar collection comeing out and it looks so fabulase.
  6. I am excited about the new line I was told it was coming out in December and the material will be like the one used to make the trapeze bags

  7. Yup, as soon as I heard a month ago, I ordered my Josephine PM TST in khaki (last one in Canada)! Adn I just picked up a matching key and change holder on Saturday before they ran out (4 left in Canada)! Before the price increase...:yes:
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