Did they make Rouge Vif color in 2007?

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  1. I called Saks for stock check and they said they had a bag in rouge color. I thought she had said Rouge Brick, but now I think I may have mis-heard and could have been Rouge Vif?

    I've been surfing around and it appears this color was made in 2006? Or was it made in 2007 as well? If 2006, wierd how they would have this color in the stores still!

    Thanks for your help!
  2. it is an s/s 06 color i believe. there are many reds each season tho, so she might have been right in saying rouge. do your SA have a style card, paper tag or metal tag? did she send you a pic?
  3. Agree with nicole, I have a RV Box from 2006 and they have the fluffiest leather I've ever seen.

    Saks and NM is notorious for stating colors/season incorrectly.

    There was a Tomato released in 2007?

    LOL. I just saw that "Rouge Brick" and laughed my ass off. HAHAHA.
  4. Maybe the SA was talking about the Rouge Vermillion? The only other 'red' that came out last year was the Tomato, I believe.
  5. Vif came out in 2006.
  6. No unfortunately i didnt htink to ask for the numbers on the tag. BUT.... It was a Step that I was looking for, which I think came out late last year. So by default would it have to be Tomato? hmmm...
  7. ^^Then it has to be a tomato bag. Can she send you a photo?
  8. No I asked for a photo but she seemed very hesitant so I assumed it isnt' something they normally do. They also don't transfer between stores which I had hoped (as I will be in Philly and NJ/NY in March). Is it true NYC Saks doesnt sell Bal? I found that to be so surprising!
  9. Nope Saks in NYC doesn't sell Bals. Only Barneys...