Did the engraving change on the bolt key holder/extender?

  1. I've seen some on eBay that look like this:

    and some like this:

    See the different engraving on the round end?
    Also, how heavy are these? Do they feel heavy in the hand or are they quite light when you hold them?
  2. I don't have mine with me at work to check for you and your second pic is not showing for me either. Sorry.
    They are solid brass, so they are substantial feeling rather than flimsy.
    I have three and use them as extenders on all my smaller bags, or to attach different straps/handles to pochettes. I also use them to hang charms from bags.
    They are quite useful actually.
  3. The top one is a current model. I believe the second one is an older model.

    I have a d/c Damier key pouch that has the same type of engraving as the second one.
  4. Thank you. Yes, mine feels fairly heavy now that I am holding it. I just never really noticed before and couldn't find the darn thing!
    I want to buy another and was just noticing the different engravings online.
  5. mine is engraved like pic #2 and it from the LV boutique recently
  6. ^^^ You're the first person I've heard of that bought the second one recently - all others that I know of were purchased years ago. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I just bought mine yesterday from the LV boutique ($110!) and it looks like the 2nd picture.
  8. I have the top one...authentic...
  9. The top one is the older version. I saw the new ones today - I actually bought a new one in SILVER!!! The best thing about the new version is that they made it easy to open now. I have the older brass one and it is a PITA when you want to add keys. Hope this helps!

  10. Silver?? wow that's cool...
  11. Are the new ones, in either color, nice and heavy too?
    I hope they don't start making these light and flimsy. I love the heavy brass.
  12. I know...I've been waiting for them to come out with silver! I'm going to wear it on my black epi pochette w/silver hardware :graucho:
  13. Yes, they are substantial in weight. Not too heavy, but well made :yes:
  14. I recently bought 1 to add to my cles.

    sometimes I need to use only the keys...

    It is very sturdy.:jammin:
  15. I have 2 of the older ones....
    The newer ones are much much easier to open....

    Now they make the longer extender with the chain....they should have made this about 10 years ago !!!!!!