did the Bijoux chain ever come in bright white?? in jumbo??

  1. hi girls,
    i just got my new flap today! i ordered a white jumbo with the new chain however when it arrived it was the dark white one!! and i originally wanted the one in bright white (as seen on Kim Kardashian in the reference library). When i ordered it i asked the SA what kinda white it was and she said it was "white white" so i was like okay not the creamy white right... hmm but i called back again after receiving it to make sure and she said the Jumbo NEVER came in the bright white(With the new chain) ONLY the east/west and the med/large. So the picture on Kim is the flash effect or something? i dont know if i should return it. Its beautiful but not really what i expected :sad: but then again i don't know if i should go through all the problems returning it since i live in Canada...
    thanks for hearing me out girls!
  2. i think i saw it in 'white white' (in your words, it means bright white) with the new chain at my boutique here. i'm not sure why your SA told you that.
  3. Congrats!I saw jumbos in bright white -like Kim K's- in VEnice ,Italy during Easter and it was absolutely fabulous!I would have surely gotten it had I not have a med/large red lamb waiting for me to pick it up in Vienna!
    I've also seen the dark white about a month or so ago but I think it had the darker/pewter bijoux chain :confused1:I liked it very much!this can be carried all year round! Does yours have the light or the pewter new/bijoux chain?
    Will you post some pics please ?:yes:
  4. AFAIK the jumbo white flaps with CC lock & silver Bijoux chain (silver, not the dark pewter) only came in one shade of white. It looked pretty white-white to me from my recollection (but it's been a white since I saw that bag in stores). That one is the Kim Kardashian bag.

    By contrast, the white on the soft caviar classics with Mademoiselle lock & dark pewter/gunmetal Bijoux chain is definitely a darker white -- a white with gray-ish undertones.
  5. thank you girls!
    well the one i saw on the Kim K and some fellow TPFers ( the east/west ) are "bright white" to me while the one i just received is sort of a dark white like creamy/ivory (but not beigy) if you know what i mean. So the one i have is the same one Kim K has? it just looks like a bright white to me from the pictures so i'm thinking... flash?
    i will definitely post pics soon! i'm just waiting for 2 of my other bags to arrive hehe
  6. i have an ivory off white caviar medium flap and i absolutely LOVE her to death! she goes with anything and everything and her color is just easy to maintain, unlike the white white IMO.

  7. it is a beautiful bag! and i love her too its just the fact that i expected pure white since i talked to SA and she first told me it was the "white white" not dark white. So im just checking with you guys see if it ever came in" pure white"
    thanks ladies~