Did South Coast Plaza ever have a spend $200 get free $20 giftcard applicable to LV?

  1. After reading the Holts in Canada post it I suddenly remember South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa California having a similar deal. Am I delirious or can anyone confirm this for me? If it has happened, does anyone know if its an annual thing or when it will happen again?
  2. South Coast Plaza has an "event" in early November.

    You donate $50 to charity and then you receive 20% of at many retailers. I know Gucci, YSL, Jimmy Choo, BV have participated in the past, but I do not recall LV involvement... Sorry, just not sure...
  3. No promotions ever apply to LV. =(
  4. Ya, I remember that promotion and it doesn't apply to LV. It doesn't even apply to alot of the stores I frequent so I never got involve in that program.
  5. oh it's the Angelitos program. we get a lot of customers asking about that when they want to buy a ton of bedding/furniture, and we tell them no, and they go, "really? i swear your name is on it.. *whips out the card/info piece* *reads reads.. oh.. pottery barn is.. so why aren't you??" "uh.. why would we? we're not pottery barn.. it's over there *points across the way* and we're not owned by them... we own ourselves.".

    and Irissy is right, it doesn't apply to a lot of stores really.