did MJ ever make any yellow bags/accessories?

  1. or different versions of yellow?
  2. Yea.. a few different shades, too.

    Butterscotch being one... and I know there are a few more.
  3. I know someone here recently bought a zip clutch that was yellow (canary, I believe).
  4. Types of yellow: Marigold, Canary, Butterscotch, Butter
  5. ^^really? anyone have picts of those in wallets/zip clutches?
  6. I just found the canary clutch pict! that's exactly what I want!!!! Now how to go about acquiring one..
  7. Yes, the canary clutch is beautiful!!! Let us know if you find one. Good luck!
  8. ^^I just did! I'm bargaining with the owner right now!
  9. Yes. In fact I have a yellow hobo that I got from NM.
  10. ACK! I'm so excited! It's so close..
  11. Where did you find one? I'm curious. :s
  12. A friend located one for me. It's being shipped priority so I can't wait!
  13. Congrats! :biggrin:
  14. i'm so glad you found one! be sure to post pictures when you get it. i love zip clutches.. they're so pretty.
  15. Oh wow! That is great news! Congrats