Did LV's always come with dust covers?

  1. All of my LV's were purchased new by me at Neiman Marcus, but they are all, shall we say, 'very vintage' by now. I think my newest piece dates from 1994. :blush: I don't have dust covers for any of them.

    Are dust covers something you have to ask for, and I just missed out by failing to ask, or are dust covers an extra perk that has only been offered in the last, say, 12 years or so, lol?
  2. I think they have always had dust covers. The older ones look very different then the current ones - they were not drawstring, it's a flap closure and the material is more felt like. HTH!
  3. i bought my first LV in the early 90's from Holts Renfrew in Canada, and i didn't have any dustbag as well or my bag didn't come in one.
  4. I bought my first LV (2000) at the LV Boutique at Hotel Vancouver and it also did not come with a dustbag.
  5. I bought my first LV in 1988 and I don't remember it coming with a dust bag.
  6. I bought my first in like hmmmm, it was 96 or 97 I think....it came with a dust cover.....
  7. My mom bought her first LV in 89 and it didnt come with a dust cover nor did any of her other vintage ones.
  8. My mom's from early on (Speedy in 1989, Trocadero in 1992) didn't come with dustbags but her Ellipse Shopper from 1997 did.