Did I miss the Chanel NY/NJ meet?

  1. I thought we were going to try to have a get together in early spring? did I miss it?:sad:
  2. I dont think we ever had one..Im up for one
  3. Me too! I want to see the twins!! :p
    also I miss my adorable doulos!!
  4. I am terrible at organizing...is anyone a good planner??
  5. i CAN ORGANIZE IT....as long as a NYer tells me where to go there.Im ok with places in NJ..Im clueless with NY..LOL..Depends where we meet up I guess!
  6. can we have it in the fall/late summer?
    I am going east in the fall/late summer.....
  7. we had talked about a MAY meetup..then we can do a fall one later too
  8. I'd love to do it! do you prefer a weekday or weekend day? I can do NY or Jersey.
  9. I'd love to come too! Will 2 CHANEL bags allow me in the club?
  10. ^LOL..U dont need to own a Chanel to come!!JUST bring yourself and your love of handbags!!!!
  11. Yay! I'll keep checking the thread for an update.
  12. Would U Guys Prefer Ny Or Nj?
  13. I don't care where...just looking forward to the company!
  14. OK..Either a NY meet up,a SHORT HILLS Mall Meetup?Pick one!!!
  15. Ohhh, I love the short hills mall! :smile: I would love to try to meet up too, assuming I'm not buried in classwork. :sad: