Did I get a fake Kooba Scarlett? I ordered one off of ebay and am concerned

  1. I thought it was fine until I looked at the zip pull and the ink for letter k is outside the lines. The leather is really nice and the lining is a sueded material. Could you guys take a look and let me know what you think? It's guarenteed authentic...I still feel sick though:sad:
  2. Looks pretty good to me, Lexie, what do you think?
  3. Have you read ChristiD's eBay Kooba guide? I recommend anyone even considering buying a Kooba online read that first!

    The side pic looks off to me, it could just be the angle. The sides should fold in a neat, thick fold. And my pockets never stuck out like that, but I had an older scarlett. I no longer have her, or I'd post a pic. (and my Kooba zipper pulls don't have ink!)

    Hopefully, others can reassure you, but I'm not convinced it's authentic.
  4. I think it's good. Leather looks correct. Zipper is good, and I have a bag that the Ink has ran outside the letters. I'll have to find it and take a pic. The side tassles look good. If the sides were cinched and tied tighter you'd get more of the look you expect. Here's mine to compare...

  5. Thanks so much! I did loosen the side tassles to see how big the pockets are.
  6. Well, that explains the off look.

    The fakes are getting harder & harder to spot. One expert was telling me last night that they are even imitatiting the pulls & thick, bumpy leather so it's getting harder & harder to tell, esp. in pictures.

    I've never seen or felt a fake Kooba IRL, but I remember my Scarlett was an awesome piece of workmanship! I hope yours is everything you hoped for!
  7. My Scarlett was my very first Kooba. I love this bag so much. I'll never part with it. I remember my husband seeing it for the first time. He always hated my Sig Coaches and when he saw the Kooba he said "At least for 450 you get some real leather instead of CC material!". He hated the fact I would pay 400-500 for a Signature Coach and only get leather trim. I adored my Coach Pink Tie Dye Satchel.
  8. Yes, it's real but the auction has ended. Did you get it??? I have that bag. Love it.
  9. i think looks pretty!!!!
  10. Oh gosh, what a relief.:sweatdrop: I purchased the bag about a month ago and was scared when I started reading this thread and noticed she was selling another one. You are wonderful for responding. Thank you!