did i do the wrong thing- gucci wallet

  1. i have been looking for a new wallet. i have a lv wallet that i love but it is huge and too big for a few of my bags, so i wanted another smaller one to switch off with.

    yesterday at Saks i saw one- still a checkbook wallet but thinner, brown leather- that was on sale for about 140 from 390. it was kind of scratched so i passed.

    should i have bought it? was that a great deal that i passed up?
  2. Wallets (and handbags) will get scratched and worn with use, even gentle use. I'd call them and see if they still have it, but I'm cheap and for a discount that huge, I could tolerate a little imperfection.
  3. As you're going to use it inside your bags, I agree with Prada. :yes:
  4. Agree with the panel!! I don't like to spend lots on accessories as I spend plenty on what hangs off my arm...LOL:yes:
  5. so you think that was a good deal? i'll try to find a pic to see what you think. i doubt it's still there though...
  6. can't find it on their website. it was like this one


    only continental style and in brown.
  7. OMG!!! Jump in your car and lay some rubber! But call the store to make sure they still have it. I'd even ask the SA to stick it under the counter if they do. Just be sure to get his/her name so they can get the commission if they will do that.
  8. Should have scooped that up and tried some conditioner on it!
  9. So what happened? Where you able to get the wallet?
  10. sold. boo hoo. i should have bought it. darn it. i meant to ask this last night too. feh.

    thank you all though. i did tell the SA to keep me in mind if they find any more.
  11. i wouldn't matter with small scratches... i'll scratch it by use over time :p
    that was a great deal!
  12. if you dont' get it can i have their phone number!?!?!?
  13. a few posts ago i mentioned it was sold. i called and it was sold out. they're going to call me if they get anymore in but it's not likely.
  14. that was a great deal, but just because it was on sale doesn't mean you have to buy it... if you didn't like it to begin with, why does the price make a difference?
  15. i liked it. i wasn't in love you're right. i just wasn;t sure if it was such an amazing deal i was silly to pass it by.