Did I do the right thing??

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  1. So I went to the LV store today in South Coast and I saw the mizi in monogram. So pretty...and a little bit big, but I liked it a lot. The SA told me that they rarely receive them, and that they probably would not get the smaller size clara (sp?) ever. I did want to get the Manhattan in the smaller size, but they only had the bigger one. I was THIS close to buying it especially since LV prices are increasing (thanks for the info), BUT something told me not to...to just wait patiently just a lil more for my paddington. So...I passed up the mizi. :sad2: Was that the right thing girls? I'm not so sure it was, and I'm pretty sure that the the mizi is sold by now. Someone tell me I did the right thing to wait for my paddy!
  2. I think you did the right thing...it seems like you've made up your mind to save for the Paddy, and it's better not to "impulsively" purchase something else - just because the SA said that it was rare. You should get what you REALLY want, and I think you'll be all the happier in the end with your Paddy.
  3. I completely agree with Suli. Don't go for something just because your mind says it's logical because prices are increasing or whatever ... I think it's better to have a closet full of purses you love rather than just like, and I think you were trying to convince yourself to love the mizi when you like something else more.
  4. You are right SuLi thanks. As much as I want the mizi, I really want the paddy.
  5. Sounds like you did the right thing. I usually apply the "6 weeks" test to situations like these...6 weeks from now which would you be missing more, the Paddy or the LV?
  6. Great advice! I use it on my kids. I will now apply it to myself!
  7. 0o0o0o, thats good, i'm gonna use that next time! You're so wise! :biggrin:
  8. If you're not totally sure, you did the right thing.

    And Paddington's are lovely.
  9. Even though I am biased when it comes to LV, I still think you did the right thing if your heart was set on a Paddy to begin with. Although I don't own a Paddy or plan on it, they are breathtaking and if you truly were saving to get that one, then by all means, achieve that goal! You might have had buyer's regret once you bought the Mizi for fear of them selling out. You absolutely did the right thing.
  10. ypu did the right thing. i got my paddy in the mail from neiman yesterday- wow. it's the bomb.:biggrin:
  11. Ooohh.. I like your technique too. I'm going to use it on myself from now on. :amuse:
  12. It seems like you have already made up your mind about keeping the paddy but you were just trying to talk yourself into buying the mizi. I think you made the right choice in the end. Always listen to that little voice in the back of our mind. That's our subconscious talking to us. ;)
  13. Get the PADDY! i think you will LOVE it! :biggrin: