Did Coach make........

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  1. The large ergo hobo in the Signature Chocolate Brown?????

    I lovvvvvvve my medium ergo hobo but would like a large one, in the choco brown if they have it.
  2. Im almost positive it only came in medium. Great bag huh?:yes:
  3. Yeah, I investigated and found it's only in medium. I was thinking the same thing! LOL!
  4. booooooooooooooooooooo :tdown:
  5. Do ya have the large chocalate Carly? That could make up for items MIA!
  6. oooh i'm liking the large leather carly in brown. it's sexy. sooo many choices lol
  7. UGH! I hear ya! You know I was just telling myself how I will not purchase anymore bags! Here I am being the total coach-a-holic I am and surfing eBay at the same time. I've been seriously contemplating a large choco sig. carly for some time now and hit that BIN button before I could even think twice!!:hysteric: Come join me in the joy of a choco siggy carly!!:nuts::yes::yahoo: