Did anyone watch 20/20 tonight??

  1. I watched 20/20 tonight and it was about, "what would you do?" They showed a few scenerios with hidden cameras such as a bunch of kids vandalizing a car in the day at a park, would you approach? Your out to lunch and you see your bestfriends live in boyfriend out to lunch with another girl thats hes kissing on and holding hands with, do you tell your besty?? A major litter bug is tossing crap out of her bag and throwing it out on the boardwalk and NOT into a garbage.These were all good scenerios. So what would you do??
    Theres no doubt about it I would call my friend asap!! I love being sarcastic when I see people littering, I actually have done the craziest thing to a litter bug, you'd all think im nuts, so I wouldnt have a problem saying anything to one. HOw about you???
  2. I watched it, too. I would speak up on all those accounts!!! Admittedly, I if I just saw someone drop one item I might not peg them as a litterbug....
  3. I saw it!

    1. I would have went up to my BFF's boyfriend right there in the restaurant.
    2. The vandals, I don't know, people are crazy these days. I would have to be in that situation. I did think it was F*cked up how the black boys got more 911 calls than the white kids.
    3.The purse/wallet snatching I would have spoken up, I don't think I would have ran after the person though.
  4. ^^^
    yeah the rasicm thing was definately not cool, I felt for those kids.