Did anyone else watch the justin timberlake concert on HBO?

  1. Sorry if this is a thread already i tried and tried to search but didnt see anything so,,,

    Im curious has anyone else watched it?

    I think hes gorgeous of course, but i was never like head over heels, and i did like some of his music and generally think he seems to have a head on his shoulders,

    so tonight i was bored and turned on HBO and they have his whole MSG NY future sex/love sounds concert live on HBO and i have to say i am SUPER impressed

    he has tons of fans and yes he prob. could pull off a concert of just him standing there singing and that would be fine cause people love him so much

    BUT so far, and i am still watching but he dances a lot, and solo a lot of it which really impressed me, he plays the piano, the guitar, the keyboard, etc.... for a lot of his songs and genuinely shows himself to not only be a performance artist and a hot guy but to be genuinely talented and i am SUPER impressed, i love him even more now haha :smile:

    I really just wanted to see if anyone else saw it and was as impressed as i am cause i really am so happy to see a popular artist really sing, really dance, really play instruments and truly be musical and talented and also yes good looking but not just living off of that

    he seems to really love music and be passionate about it and i am impressed. You can feel influence from some great performers, MJ, prince, even to the beatles, even like the P funk i see some of them there too!
    he still holds his own style but you can see it has infulence from some of the great performers

    he has instruments all over the stage and it really is about the music and the enjoyment of sounds, rhythms, voices etc and not what a lot of concerts are these days which are just noise,,

    just lights and sexy costumes and thats where it ends

    :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup: justin i am very impressed i have a new found respect for you as a TRUE artist, one of the few that exist now
  2. I watched the entire thing. I've never been to a concert before so this was as close as I got to going to one. I think the singing and choreograpy was thought out very well. I wished I could've been there personally.
  3. I watched it and loved it! Honestly, I've never paid much attention to his muisc before. I was VERY impressed! He's very talented and his band was amazing. Love his drummer. He put on a really good show. His audience loves him and I can see why. They really got their money our that concert! LOL! I think he performed for nearly 2 1/2 hours! Some of the ballads was simply beautiful. I'll have to get some of his music.
  4. i'm a HUGE justin fan! have been since the nsync days! :biggrin:

    .. i went to that show when he was here in san diego .. and seeing it LIVE doesn't even compare to seeing it on tv! [yes, of course the close up views are awesome!] .. but the atmosphere of being there and listening to him live is INSANE!

    he is a HUGE talent!!
    can't wait to see it again next week in Los Angeles! :yahoo:
  5. I LOVED IT!! He's a great entertainer... very talented.
  6. I have it saved on my dvr, been waiting for the perfect night to watch it, good to know it's as good as I'm expecting.
  7. I don't want to be spoiled for his Sunday concert I'm attending. So I'm really trying to avoid watching it. :smile:
  8. I was never a JT fan, but yeah, that concert on HBO is hot! Impressive.