Did anyone else get the Pomme d'Amour reciept holder?

  1. There's a pink Vernis color that I haven't seen before. Maybe it was before my time? Anyone else get one and know what color that is? It looks like a rose color. Very interesting.
  2. I think there is one called rose and there might be a separate one called 'pink.' I have a Sullivan and it's a light pink but it's darker than marshmallow. I'm not sure.."rose pink" is one color and came out in about 1999-ish I think.
  3. Is it a little bit darker (or more pink?) than the marshmallow? I remember a very pretty vernis color that was called Rose, it was more pink. Kind of like the caps to the Johnson baby lotion!
  4. Here's a good pic of the color I'm talking about.

    source: centuryrides4fun on eBay
  5. Here's the receipt holder picture:

  6. i loveeeeeeeeee the pink.......
  7. Yah, that looks like it. Thanks guys! : )
  8. Forgive my stupidity but which is the receipt holder? I NEED it. Thanks
  9. ^^ I was just thinking the same thing..
  10. yeah, i never heard of it either.....
  11. Someone tell us what this is please ...
  12. I need to know as well!
  13. is she talking about the flat pouch??
  14. It's like a Ludlow in size and the interior is is folded into three for flat papers or cash.
  15. wow, I first thought it was the flat pouch (envelope pouch), obviously not! so it comes in pomme d'amour, hmmmm, anyone know the name and price?