did a BIN for a fake mj

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  1. but i didn't pay yet, as i waited for more pictures. she sent me pics that clearly show a fake zipper head (pointed riri).
    how do i get out of it?
  2. I cannot attest to its authenticity of lack thereof but if you are certain it is a fake, I would send the seller an email saying just that and you are not planning on completing the transaction. I would also discourage her from relisting it.
  3. thanks--that's just what i've done so far. it's absolutely fake, as the ladies on the mj subforum have helped.
  4. Simple, don't pay :smile: You'll get an unpaid item strike at most but 3 is what gets you out.
    Next time ask for pics before buying.
  5. I would just email her and say in light of the information from pics you can see the bag is fake and would not like to proceed. She may agree to mutually withdraw once she knows you know it is fake. In the meantime you can still report it as a fake.
  6. she's still claiming it's real, but asked me to send a request to mutually withdraw. how do i do that?
  7. By the way, if she still thinks its real thats up to her. The fact that she wants to mutually withdraw does tell me she may not be sure though...

  8. oh, it's absolutely fake--very pointed riri zippers and the wrong color suede.
    i've totally learned my lesson....the thing is, she had some real ones listed as well. BLAH!!!

    thanks for all the help.
  9. yes sneaking the odd fake in is no new trick to some sellers...good luck.
  10. i had a similar situ recently that the miu2 (thank you lovely) helped me with. I had paid and then got it authenticated ... i had asked many times if it was real and whether there was a money back guarantee ... i found out it was fake and got my money back (not all of it though ... not sure why that was).

    you are so lucky you didnt pay - the stress it not worth it!

    shame she still thinks its real ... thats what my seller said too and am sure she will be selling it again.
  11. glad you got it resolved, however next time you should make sure to have everything authenticated in the appropiate forums.
  12. She did have it authenticated but it was after she had done the BIN. While I love BINs, the problem with them is that if you wait for authentication, it might be gone. If it was my HG and all things looked good and the only reason I would not complete the sale was for authenticity reasons I might shoot first and authenticate later.