Diamonds in sterling silver settings?

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394444503.504835.jpg
    John Hardy.
  2. I love diamonds in silver..
  3. Tiffany's has a DBTY ring in sterling that I covet--$1,700, I think--

  4. Wow.Great collection.Diamonds in silver.This is very much classical and nice to see.
  5. I prefer diamonds set in platinum or rhodium plated wg because I would not want to worry about tarnishing.
  6. I feel the same !
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    I would not be willing to pay the prices for Tiffany silver and diamonds by the yard. I would rather save that little bit more (in my opinion) and get it in Platinum. I have no real experience of the other brands of silver and diamonds discussed in this thread.
  8. Ive heard mixed opinions about having diamonds on silver settings, and I am wondering about opinion.

    Ive noticed alot of jewelry websites and stores offer this and they are very affordable, are diamonds of such low quality really that bad?
  9. Are the diamonds in question of low quality? Just because they're set in silver doesn't mean they automatically are.

    Setting a great diamond in silver seems to me to be a much better use of budget than setting a poor diamond in 18K gold. Just my thoughts though.

    I know over on Pricescope a lot of the coloured stones members recommend pouring your budget into sourcing the best stones you can, then sending them off to be set in silver by affordable chinese jewellers . After all, up close you're not going to notice silver from white gold or platinum, but you can tell the cut of a stone from yards away!
  10. I have an ippolita textured sterling bangle bracelet with pave diamonds and it wasn't that expensive, especially on sale. The diamonds add sparkle but I didn't especially want the diamonds - I just liked the bracelet.

    I would probably not buy a sterling ring with diamonds - it would get more wear and the silver would dent more quickly than gold. I might do a sterling pendant with pave diamonds.

    It really depends on the price. Sometimes pave diamond pieces aren't pricey.
  11. Wasn't that uncommon for diamonds to be set with silver in the 'olden days'.

  12. I can def tell my platinum rings from silver, but my wedding set and plain bands are over 11 years old and have patina. They are very dull next to my white gold and silver.
  13. I've never understood the bias against silver. It's historically been made into purer alloys because it's more durable than gold. Gold is only seen as a more durable option because they add more base metal to most 18k, 14k, and 10k alloys. In fact, silver itself is routinely added to yellow and white gold of those purities.

    Sterling silver has a reputation for tarnishing because it's usually 7.5% copper, and the copper in the alloy is what's reacting to the environment. You won't see silver bullion turn black like sterling does. And yes, gold, especially low karat rose gold with its high copper content, can tarnish (albeit slower than sterling).

    Personally I'd consider diamond and silver jewelry "fine jewelry," while I'd consider high quality pieces in silver, gold, or platinum set with a diamond simulant "bridge jewelry." That's just my opinion though. There's also low quality silver/simulant jewelry I consider "costume."

    Don't forget that there are sterling alloys nowadays with metals other than copper that greatly increase its durability and tarnish resistance. They also make similar alloys with less silver than sterling for durability approaching 18k to 14k gold.

    Personally I'd set a diamond around 1/4 carat or above in gold or platinum, but I think silver is a great choice for smaller DBTY jewelry or pieces with pave accents.
  14. This is my 0.18 ct black and white diamonds on silver

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  15. As long as I liked the style & the stones, I don't have a problem buying diamonds or any gemstone set in silver. Many designers these days are rhodium plating their silver so that it doesn't tarnish.