Diamonds in sterling silver settings?

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    Many times we see jewelry we love but because of the metal cost and gemstone value, we aren't always able to afford it.

    There seems to be more affordable jewelry these days, with diamonds (mostly pave) being set into sterling silver jewelry. I always associated CZ in silver settings but it seems that diamonds, Moissanite and other precious gemstones are set into sterling silver these days.

    What do you think of this? Does it matter if it's a design you love, even if it may not be as sturdy in the long term? Is it practical to choose sterling (or even 10K gold) if budget is a concern?

    Not really talking about wedding sets, more like every day rings, right hand rings, or fashion sterling silver rings that comprise of diamonds...
  2. Yurman has been doing this for years.

    Eta. Pics won't upload. Stupid app.
  3. :smile: I'll look up Yurman for their silver pieces. I'm assuming Yurman sterling silver is a popular and in-demand choice, then. I guess I hadn't thought of Tiffany either, they have silver pieces but no diamond-set pieces that I know of, yet.

    I'm not as jewelry savvy as everyone on forum, I'm just discovering that there are diamonds in silver, LOL
  4. Konstantino also does it :yes:
  5. I believe Ippolita does, too.
  6. wow, thanks. Those are some gorgeous Konstantino statement pieces... beautiful intricacy in silver!
  7. Ippolita and diamonds? oh boy... I am going to have to expand my horizons beyond eBay ;)

    keep them coming, thank you
  8. Tiffany has numerous pieces in silver with diamonds. There are many Elsa Peretti items, including DBTY. I think they're wonderful.
  9. I personally would do it the other way around, with a more durable metal and a simulant stone. Diamonds in sterling silver won't last.
  10. ^I've actually considered that route and I lean towards that and want to weigh all the options carefully. The current simulant/synthetics are beautiful due to advancing technology but if it's in a setting that is not of exceptional quality, it sort of diminishes the beauty of a piece too, I agree.
  11. Not sure if this one is still made, but it's diamonds in sterling and has lasted 10 years so far for me.

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  12. ^That's lovely, I like that, it's got a nice artistic element to it. Silver probably very suited for mesh designs, and the bar containing the diamonds is a nice offset.
  13. i wonder if the designers use different alloys with their that make silver harder?
  14. I'm pretty sure they use different alloys... for instance, i'm fairly certain Tiffany does not use nickel in their sterling alloy, to avoid nickel allergies... and i've been told that for their earrings,the post is actually white gold, also to avoid allergies.

    I don't know about other designers, though.
  15. I'm weird about some things and I don't think silver and diamonds are on the same level so I don't think diamonds should be set in silver. It just isn't something I care for. But I also don't like 10k gold. I would much rather buy silver than 10k gold, but I wouldn't buy silver with diamonds set in it, no matter what designer. I'm always an odd one out, lol.