Diamond Stitch in Hong Kong?

  1. Hi Hong Kong ladies! I hope one of you can help. Do any of the HK boutiques have the Diamond Stitch tote (large, black)? I have a friend who is willing to go pick one up for me as she'll be there next week, and I tried calling a couple of the Chanel boutiques (Pen Arcade and Int'l Airport) to find out if they have any avaialeble but I had some difficulty communicating with the 1 SA I managed to get in touch with. Unfortunately I don't have the style number for the bag but I would really appreciate if any of you can recommend an SA and a particular boutique? Thanks very much!
  2. Call Anthea Chan at the Incontinental Hotel. Phone no. 852-27353535. She is very nice and friendly.
  3. Thanks a lot, shopgirl bb! A friend of mine just found a brand new one for me :woohoo: but I will certainly keep this number for reference. Hong Kong is still the closest place to shop for Chanel.