Diamond Stitch Classic Flap

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  1. Hi everyone! I know this bag is from a couple of seasons ago but any chance any of you have seen a black diamond stitch classic flap bag? My SA at Neimans looked everywhere and none of the Neimans have it and the couple of Chanel stores I talked to, they found 1 in white but that's it! Thanks!!!!
  2. Do you mean this one??? It comes in 2 sizes, the one pictured is the large but there is a smaller version as well. I've heard this ligne is coming back in the fall even if it has sold out now.
    diamond stitch.JPG
  3. Yes, that's the one! I'm so excited to know it's coming back this fall! It's been hard to find, I didn't even realize it came in different sizes, thank you so much!
  4. I absolutely love this bag...glad to hear it will be back for fall...maybe I will have enough saved up by then!!!