Diamond Florescence: What Does it Really Mean?

  1. I've been pricing loose diamonds and I'm confused about how florescence changes a diamonds value and/or its colour/sparkle factor. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  2. From what I understand about flouresence.... most folks prefer none/negligible, and depending on the lighting, the diamond may appear clouded or oily if it does flourese, and should probably be avoided.

    However, I have also heard that certain diamonds that strongly flourese may appear a very nice blue in daylight (sometimes refered to as a blue diamond?) and may actually be cause for a premium price... I've seen pix of a Harry Winston necklace in done in half UV & some of the diamonds were showing strong flouresence.

    Ultimately, it's up to you... I don't think it's cause for a jeweler to mark up or down.... pick what you feel comfortable with...love your diamond and you'll be happy with your choice!
  3. I have a diamond that is an I color and it tests for strong blue flouresence. I have observed it in all kinds of light and would never know this unless I had seen the description on the AGS report.

    GIA, I believe, did a study of this and interviewed a lot of people who were asked to view diamonds both with and w/out and the bottom line was, that in nearly all cases, flouresence was a non issue....
  4. Lots and lots of discussion on this at Pricescope.com . You don't have to register to use the search engine, have fun.
  5. i hear that high florescence can make a yellower diamond appear whiter, so some people actually want a strong florescence. but then if it's too strong, it can make the diamond look cloudy. according to tiffany &co, strong florescence is never desireable, but that's just them.
  6. on better color diamonds, flouresence can lower its value.

    on more tinted or no so white diamonds, flouresence can enhance its beauty by making it whiter.
  7. ..."

    Here is a Hearts on Fire diamond 3.17ct I color with Strong Blue.....now, Tiffany, tell me this stone isn't "desirable."

  8. Your hearts on fire diamond is absolutley beautiful and it looks so great on your hand! Does it always look white, or does it change in certain light? I ask because I used to wear an old european cut that was in its original platinum setting from 1910 (amazing!), it was I colour and I don't know if it had florescence, but I noticed someitmes it looked more while and sometimes it looked more yellow.
  9. Beautiful :nuts:!!! I take that any day even if Tiffany says otherwise!