Diabro service not happy

  1. I have spent alot of $$$ with Diabro and always pay via Googlecheckout but i have encountered several issues the last 3 times and will not be using again . I ordered a MJ Stam and it had a cut in the leather ( i have since read here at the PF that they are able to offer items so cheaply as the items are seconds?) then i ordered again giving benefit of the doubt and part of the item was missing (they have since cent it but it adds 5 days delay) and now :cursing: this has really made me angry .... i have paid for something via their Google checkout and they cancelled the order stating i must use Paypal (they offer Google checkout to buyers to use their credit cards so why then turn round and say it can't be done?) but the main point is that the money is showing as going out of my bank because apparantly once the card has been authorised it shows against your account balance as used funds , and... can stay like that for upto 2 weeks:tdown: Has anyone else had a bad experience?
  2. I have had some less than satisfactory experiences with Diabro, and can't understand, when you are a returning customer, why you still have to go through the third inquisition when ordering. It delays everything, and is a major pain.

    Also, their packaging is terrible, and both times, they sent my item to the wrong address.

    Would only purchase from them again as an absolute last resort...
  3. It states on their website that they only need to telephone once to confirm address etc when first ordering via google checkout ... i have ordered more than 10 times and every time they telephone and like yourself ask the same questions over and over .... i would also have to say "never again" i don't even think after the last 2 orders i will use them as a last resort (i would rather do without)
  4. Another update .... i received a phone call to say a manager would contact me..... nothing, then i receive an email saying Diabro will contact Google on my behalf to sort my money out and Diabro will report back to me.... nothing . All this time has passed and i have not heard from Diabro and i am still unable to access my money. Worst service ever received and i like to shop so have some experience with online stores net-a-porter etc now gets my vote even though they are more expensive .
  5. Thank you for the posting. I was thinking to buy from Diabro before but not anymore.