***Diabro.net Prices***

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  1. Does anyone one know why diabro prices are so high? I just saw a black first for $1200.00??:confused1:
  2. I think the prices on Diabro are based on the exchange rate. However, I've noticed that the prices on certain items seem higher than others (e.g., First & City versus the Matelasse bags).

    I've noticed that one day, a bag will be listed at $1295 (for example), the next day its ... $1395 ... and then all of a sudden, its back down again to $1195!!!
  3. I'd just noticed that they've raised their prices on many bags by at least $100-$200! There must be something going on with the exchange rate, and the change in prices just happened over the last week.
  4. USD is weak these days...and also I think they price bags based on demand.
  5. I wrote them and ask them. Yes, it is based on the style/demand and the exchange rates. But sometimes the prices go lower as well. I got the GH City Cafe from them last month, and I paid only like $1280 for it.!!:wlae:
  6. wow, thanks for posting I had no idea that they sold fakes :wtf:. Is it possible that some of their other bags (meaning more than just the fendi's) could be fake also?
  7. oh, my!!! ........:wtf::wtf::wtf:
    But my Balenciaga is Totally Authentic!!! my friend has an actually same one as mine (well, if you read the Sharing is Caring. But... Thread, you will know why...) anyways, she got it from Barney's in Beverly Hills, and I totally compared everything, and mine from Diabro was 100% authentic!!!!!!
    man... I hope the issue with the spy bag is just a rare case... like what happened with bluefly...
  8. One day I was about to buy a bag on diabro, price was very good. I refreshed the page and the price was $100 more than it was a few minutes before. I assumed it was the exchange rates, needless to say I was frustrated!!!!

    As for the fake Fendi -- OMG, how horrible. Good to know about, I have never heard anything about the bbags being fake, done LOTS of reading here since I am new. Sorry to the person who got the fake Fendi....
  9. I saw that too...they have adjusted the pricing and it's more or less fixed and furthermore in USD dollars...sigh