DH's take on the price increase..


Oct 24, 2007
Risin' Up!
such a cute story - my DH is the same!! Love those built in answering machines :lol: It's good that he has his Playstation to keep him busy while you enjoy PF!
Oct 18, 2007
~Your story is so cute!! You're lucky that your DH even heard what you had to say abt. LV when he was with PS3. My DH would oblivious to his surrounding when he's with XBox360...LOL...Thanx for sharing.~
Jun 8, 2006
Well, he doesn't need to know about other price increase does he? I thought that way too, until I saw how much my other pieces had gone up. But 35 bux isn't a real deterrent. It was the other increase plus that. Blame it on our tanking dollar.


Mar 29, 2007
that was funny but cute at the same time :love: as for me I was just look over LV website last night that where I found out the price already gone up and how lucky I am that I bought my wallet Zippy Organizer from Saks last month when the price still $695 (now went up to $730)


Apr 1, 2008
for the past month or so, i've been yapping nonstop about the neverfull, bc it's THE perfect school/work bag. and my bf, being the best bf in the world, had promised to get it for me within the last wk...
and being that i was informed by you ladies about the price increase this past thurs, i told him that he better get his butt to the store before then.
BUT lo and behold, he surprises me with it friday :confused1:
he knew that he'd be losing an extra $50? by going a day later, but he did.

in a way, they have the right mentality :lol:
what's a few more bucks when it's LVOE :heart::love::tender:


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Sep 30, 2006
yeah. that's what my husband says too. Then he continues to discuss what a disgusting profit LV makes too. So it's a sour topic right now


Lusting for Herve!
Dec 2, 2007
S. California
Your DH reminds me of a couple of my buddies. Here's a sample of a conversation when I complain to them about the price increases:

Me: Can't believe it man, another price hike at LV!
Buddies: So what?
Me: I'll have to pay more when I want something out of LV that's what.
Buddies: Who cares? Your paying for their products longevity and heritage. They never go out of style so they'll always be cool.
Me: You really think so.
Buddies: Yeah. Kind of the same when we get things from GNC.
Me: Uh huh......
Buddies: BTW, how much is that duffel bag now? I'm thinking of getting one.
Me: It's called the Keepall 50 and it'll cost you $950.
Buddies: All right, I'll have funds by Christmas time. Now, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BENCH PRESSS! :lol:

It's funny because one of them recently splurged on a wallet and belt (both in mono) and a tie; teases me about it since HE BEAT the price increase. All of us are straight; they can spot a fake LV from a mile away. I taught them well.
Lol! that's hysterical! if i saw a couple of guys working out AND talking about LV, I'd get smacked upside the head by Cupid so fast :girlsigh::love:

...Back to the topic, your Hubbie does have a point on the price increases. I have to remind myself that same thing every time I even hear the smallest whisper of a possible price increase. We go the extra mile for things on a daily basis anyway, what's $35 or $3,500 when the end result will be you squealing with glee like a little school girl?


Mar 2, 2008
Haaaaa, that's what we were saying too the other day. DH just bought me the Manhattan pm early just in time before the price increased. That's for my bday gift which is not for another 4 months. We were saying really, on a $1560 bag what's an additional $60? But at the same time, since I already knew that was THE bag I wanted, then why NOT save that $60? So I told him to do it before the increase, even though I'm imposing a wait on myself to not use it until the bday. Patiently waiting...:Push: