DHL and Duty fees?

  1. I received a bill 3 weeks after my bag was delivered to me from DHL for $55 for duty charges - anyone familiar with this? Do I pay it to DHL or send check to us customs - I've never had to do this before and have bought internationally before...
  2. Hello.

    I have not had that experience. In the past when the delivery arrived at the door, I would have to pay right there and then.

    Recently, I have been phoned by DHL before delivery to pay charges over the phone. Then, they give you a reference number that you provide to the driver when you item is delivered. Much nicer way to do it because sometimes you are caught out with no cash in the house.

    I live in the UK and my item was coming from the states.

    I would just call DHL to clarify. They have probably already paid US customs on your behalf and now you owe it to DHL.

  3. I didn't realise that could happen! I presumed they would have let you know at the time?

    I had a bag delivered from the states which was marked as a gift - does that mean I could still receive a duties bill! :confused1:
  4. That depends on how much they declared the gift was worth. In the UK, we don't get taxed on gifts under 50.00. Not very generous! Anything over 50.00 we get charged a whopping 17.5%

    In the US, I am not sure what the gift limit is(I am originally from NYC), but the tax would depend on what state you live in I think....

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  5. ^^ Thanks

    She put the value down as $100.00 does that mean I will get a duties bill for the rest??
  6. Yes that happened to me several times. I get a separate bill if the package came with a private carrier like DHL, and if I get it through an official carrier like USPS I have to pay when I receive the package. The limit is about $55, gift or not, and we have to pay about 8 percent in customs and taxes. :push: The paying slip (?) states who gets the money.
  7. Hi Siri Ann,

    I recently bought a bag from overseas and wondering if uk custom just charge the 17.5% or do they also add on luxury tax??
    I paid about 300 pound for the bag, now getting a bit worried.......... I think the SA put down the value as $50.
  8. It went through USPS and then parcelforce in the UK so that does mean if there were charges I would have paid at the time??
  9. I can certainly relate to your surprise! After all the buying and selling I've done I've never used DHL. Then about a year ago I bought something that was coming to the states from India via DHL. The package gets here quick enough...everything seems fine. Than about 3 weeks later I get a bill from DHL for duty charges! I was pretty annoyed because if I knew about the duty charges I would of thought twice about my purchase.

    And I've bought and sold to Japan, Beijing, Canada, Greece, UK etc and I've never been charged a duty fee. I wonder if it depends on the carrier you use? I use USPS and Global Express. Any ideas on that?

  10. For Switzerland, yes, I don't know about the UK though. Apparently this will change here though, grr.

    As for USPS global express, it's still USPS so you pay directly, but since it's processed faster, an additional fee is added here.

    And you have to distinguish (at least in my country) between VAT and duty fees. Usually there's "just" VAT. Hope this helps.
  11. ^^ Thanks :yes:
  12. Good to know, thanks everyone for letting me know - I guess I will go ahead and pay it...wish I would have known the bag was $55 more (although I love the thing soooo much I still would have bought it)
  13. if you already have your package from parcelforce there's no fee, they never release the package without being paid. to my pleasure :push: they send a letter which takes about a week to arrive and you have to fight with them to be allowed to pay before you get the letter. but if you don't have a tracking number you just have to sit tight.
  14. Just to let those interested know - no customs fees for my USPS global express parcel which came today. I guess "used shoes" didn't sound appealing enough to open it:yahoo: