DHC cleansing oil and products

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  1. I have thoroughly searched the beauty site but I cant find any posts on any negative experiences with DHC oil cleanser. Is it rally that good? I have been using traditional cleansers--eve lom, noxema, neutrogena, etc- and I still break out regularly and have oily and dry spots. Ive seen such rave reviews about the DHC oil. Has anyone had any problems with their skin after using it? I understand that your skin may purge for a week or two and then clear up, but I am very interested in trying this. I have to get my skin glowing and clear for my March wedding. Any sugestions?
  2. I love DHC oil cleanser. I mainly use it to remove my makeup. I pump a tiny bit in my palm and then use my finger to massage over my eyelids and then pat my palms over the rest of my face. I wet my palms with warm water and gently massage. The oil emulsifies (gets a little foamy) and I rinse it off. Then I follow up with either DHC mild soap or Dr. Bronners peppermint soap. I really don't need to use the soap, but I usually use my clarisonic afterwards and I don't like makeup on my brush. I use the mild soap lather as the "cush" for my clarisonic.

    Anyways, I highly recommend DHC oil as a soothing makeup remover!
  3. I'd hear of a lot of people breaking out after using DHC. Try searching on asian forums and I'm positive that these negative reviews are very easy to find, as it mostly sells in asia after all. I would go for Fancl instead as it is a more natural formula. I don't recall ever heard of anyone break out after using Fancl, and it works just as well. One con is that Fancl has less preservatives and you have to either finish or throw it away in three months(3 if i remember correctly, or maybe 6?).
  4. I have used DHC's cleansing oil several times in the past and it broke me out. In face, most of their products I have tried (their mild soap, various serums) break me out with the exception of their pure olive oil - that works for me as a moisturizer just fine. However, I now use cold pressed refined coconut oil (the kind you buy in a jar at health food stores) as an eye make up remover, and I follow up with Kimberly Sayer's cleansing lotion and then her toner and moisturizer. They are organic and made with lavender and/or lemon oils and soy and they work great for me. I also use a tiny dab of coconut oil melted between my palms to press into my skin during the winter nights. It is fragrance free and is sure a lot cheaper than buying the DHC olive oil! :happydance:
  5. I'm Asian and started using Shu Uemura's cleansing oils a year ago. Great improvement!! But I do find it a bit heavier to use in the spring/summer season, so I switch to Fresh Soy Cleanser which is also very gentle on skin.

    Unfortunately Shu is discontinued here in the States, but maybe some Asian beauty stores still sell them. Fresh is available to try at either their retail or Sephora stores.
  6. I have used DHC DCO for years and keep repurchasing. Works well for me. No break outs and no need for another cleanser after it, IME. Contact the company for samples or buy the smaller 2 oz. bottle first if you are concerned. This is a YMMV product; what works for some will not work for others.

    I used a bottle of MAC cleansing oil and thought it was bad. Drying and broke me out.
  7. i used the dhc cleansing oil for years but i recently tried the shu uemura version and i have to say i just can't go back to dhc. the dhc one wasn't great at removing my waterproof mascara but the shu one makes it SO easy to remove makeup. i never had any problems breaking out after using dhc products so this is news to me (i have no problems with the shu one), but i agree it can really depend on your skin type. i also regularly use the dhc mild soap (the pure soap is a bit drying for my face and i have the combination skin type).

    you should sign up at their website for a catalog. they always send free samples (i think 4 of them with each catalog) and one of them is almost always the cleansing oil (it's their most popular product). i would try the sample before buying the bottle, just to make sure it's compatible with your skin!
  8. I get the DHC catalog about once per month, but I haven't gotten any cleansing oil samples in the catalog for about a year or more.
  9. I've been using the cleansing oil for a little over a year. I use it to remove eye makeup and then follow w/Boscia cleanser all over my face. My skin is super oily, but I haven't had any breakouts from the cleansing oil.
  10. I alternate the DHC oil with the Shu green bottle. They're both awesome. I still use dove sens. skin bar after with both (I just never believe my face is clean without lather) but both do well at removing my makeup. Though nothing really ever fully removes my mascara because I seem to have figured out bulletproof mascara.
  11. I had no idea that the DHC cleansing oil breaks people out. I have raved about it many times on this board. I love it. It works great for me both in removing my makeup and mascara and in cleansing my skin and making it soft. I don't even use soap afterward. It has never made me break out but I also don't have sensitive skin. I use retin A and that makes my skin a little sensitive and raw but DHC has never caused an issue.
  12. I'm Asian and I love the DHC cleansing oil. I tried Shu before but found it to be too light, not as effective. I use it first to remove makeup and then use my Clarisonic with a L'Oreal cleanser. In the morning, I just use the Clarisonic. I've never broken out from it and it's done wonders for getting rid of my blackheads.
  13. I have a friend that swears by DHC, she recently lost her job and I'd like to make her a basket for a little pick-me-up. Are there any department or beauty stores (brick and mortar) in the US that carry the DHC line?

  14. I've used DHC cleansing oil but since its a bit of a PITA to buy since they don't have any retails locations, I switched to Orgins cleansing oil, which works just as well.
  15. I've used DHC Cleansing Oil with great success, but for the past 3 years I've been using MAC's Cleanse Off oil. It works just as well for me and I like that I don't have to order online to purchase it. Both the DHC and the MAC oil do NOT contain mineral oil.

    That's really sweet of you! Unfortunately there are only a couple of DHC retail stores.