DH wants a bag too - Help!


Dec 26, 2007
So ladies (and gentlemen),

I've been busy with the Saks promotion recently as some of you may know.
In the midst of all the excitement, I forgot to purchase DH's Y3 cap.

DH was not pleased. He told me weeks ago and I FORGOT! Now the cap is gone and DH isn't too pleased. :confused1:

Now DH has his mind on a bag. My DH likes this:


He prefers it in black though.

I don't really care for it. I really feel that this is too bright for my DH. He's a subtle dresser, think hipster cool. Sneakers, cool tee, and regular jeans guy. Currently, he carries a simple well-made laptop messenger bag. I would like to get him something that is subtle. His list of wants for the bag are:

-Preferably NOT leather
-No Briefcase
-No Brown
-No visible logo

Any suggestions? I would love your opinions. :okay::yes:

It's incredibly difficult to find Y3 stuff in LA. Saks and Barneys carry a really limited range. The closest store to us is in Miami!

I don't think I can look at DH without flinching if he buys an orange bag!


Jan 16, 2008
DHs are so hard to shop for! My husband hates logos as well. You know how hard it is to find clothing or accessories with no exterior logos whatsoever? Geez, it takes me forever to find him something, I end up shopping for myself. hee hee.

Anyhoo, have you been to a Sony store lately? I'm trying to remember the brand of the nylon bags they carry there (it's an outside company, and NO, it's not ACME). My DH picked up one and absolutely loved it. He liked it so much, he tried very hard to fit his clunky laptop in it just so he can keep it. Alas, DH finally gave up and returned the bag. I will ask my DH if he remembers the brand... although I'm not entirely hopeful he'll remember... his memory is worse than yours!

What about Tumi? or since he likes Prada, what about this black bag (2nd row, 1st column) http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductArray.jsp?SECSLOT=LN-Luggage+%26+Travel&ViewAllOnly=0&use_parent=1&ShowPage=1&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306421142&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474399545537&bmUID=1207801266001 ... a bit pricey i know, but that should teach you to remember next time! LOL.

will keep my eyes open.


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
Do you think the bag would still be too loud/bright for him in black? I can see it in the red as pictured, but I think the black would be very subdued. I would just go for it, if he really likes it...after all, he's the one who's going to carry it. And the price isn't bad, so why not?


Dec 26, 2007
Thank you for your suggestions ladies!

I feel so guilty about forgetting DH's cap. I mean, all he wanted was a cap which doesn't even cost much and I FORGOT!

I will look into the Tumi. Ouch, it is expensive. :crybaby:
And will also search for the orange bag in black.

His laptop bag is working perfectly fine so I don't understand why he needs a new bag. But of course, I cannot use that line of reasoning since he rarely buys anything for himself. And I will be kicking myself in the foot because I don't want him to turn around and ask me the same question!

marose28, if your DH remembers the brand of the laptop bag, please let me know. Knowing my DH, he'll probably try his best to squeeze his laptop in if he really likes the bag.

I feel quite shamed since I never forget to buy myself stuff. Still, DH is so difficult to ship for. Sometimes, their taste is either really strange or very extravagant. :rolleyes: Bring them shopping and they'll either get bored or get 'tricked' into buying something that makes you go ':boxing:'

My DH is so fussy about visible logos that he will literally tear out the logo or paint it black! :roflmfao:


Mar 20, 2008
My wife and I go to Walt Disney world and Universal Studios with matching Prada backpacks, she has the junior one in black and I have the large one in British Racing Green.