DH and I at Madison H last Tuesday, my first NYC trip!

  1. My DH and I travelled from his parents house in the Hampton's on Tuesday (Nov. 20) to do a buying trip with my boss. I've never been to NYC before, so he tagged along for help, as he used to live there.

    After visiting the showrooms in the fashion district, DH and I went to Fred's (at Barney's) and ate lunch. At the next table over, was Charlie Rose (some old journalist guy who I had no clue about) and actress Julianne Moore was leaving just as our food came. --Those were the only two celebrity sightings.

    After this, we explored around Madison, Fifth, and Park avenues, and made our way to the Guggenheim. We only stayed there about 5 minutes and then caught a cab back to Madison, where I promptly demanded we go to Hermes.

    If you were hoping for a big reveal story, sorry. He would'nt buy me anything.:tdown:

    There were tons of salespeople, and a pretty black SA looked me up and down when I first walked in. Luckily, I had my humble wool Ahmedabad tote around my wrist. I went over to look at fragrances, and the older woman there was very helpful and nice, but when I went over to look at (the object of my deepest desires) the 30cm Lindy in Rose Dragee. I was rebuffed by an angry looking Asian SA, who immediately offered to "show" an Asian shopper a bag in the case (racist?:confused1:). I pouted and went upstairs. I fell in love with a sleeveless, cableknit sweater with belt loops, and some croc H sandals (style, price, anyone?)

    After that, I had felt like a tard long enough, and didn't want to beg for something from DH in the store (he's not so good with hints), so we left. I managed to snap a couple shots... I didn't want to get the front window because the security guy would probably yell at me, but they had the Kelly Muff... SO CUTE! The third pic is of me by a section of the Berlin Wall, with my trusty Ahmedabad.

    ... and then we went back to Long Island. Woo Hoo.:sad:
    hermes1.JPG IMG_3695.JPG berlin wall.JPG
  2. that lindy in rose dragee has been there for quite some time.........the other person may have already asked to see the bag ........doubt they wouldve had any negative motive...........
  3. ^^ I know, I was just kidding. I wonder why someone doesn't buy the thing... I'm desperate for it!
  4. I heart lindys too, K. And it looks especially fab in rose dragee :smile:
    I'm sorry you didn't get anything, but it was probably cool exploring NYC???
  5. I hope you had a good time in NYC! I was at that store for the first time myself, Nov 12. They certainly don't race up to offer assistance! LOL
    I am sure that you will get that Lindy someday!
  6. its always good to get the first dip in the water out of the way. I think your next visit will be even better.

    Next time, ask some of the lovely ladies here for SA recommendations for a more personal treatment on your next trip
  7. Thanks, everyone! I really did have fun, even though the H trip was less than perfect. I'm sure I'll be back for more some time!
  8. I love how you put it Seton and agree. Next time will be a piece of cake. Glad you enjoyed NYC.
  9. Dear Ms. K:

    Don't let the SA bother you, they probably had a busy and intense past few days due to beginning of Holiday season...

    SO SORRY, DH didn't get the 'hint'... Men sometimes pretend to be 'deaf'.....

    Wish you a GREAT holiday and happier/prosperous trip to NY next time!!!
  10. kolibriszuka--

    I really would like to encourage you to re-read what you write before you post. Some of your descriptions do not seem to add to and can detract from an otherwise engaging story.

    With only good intentions,