Dexter will soon be a little BIG brother!

  1. soo excited, we have been waiting on this litter since earlier this year and they are finally here!!!


    German shepherds! They were born on May 14th so we do not get to bring him home until around mid next month when they are 8 weeks maybe 9 weeks old. but im soooo excited!!
    They will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I did go pick out a puppy today. So here he Thor!


    All his other pictures are to blurry because he did not want to stay still lol
    i will be going back to vist him within a week or so, maybe he will be better with the camera then!

    and his Proud big brother is a Chocolate pom!!!

  2. So cute!
  3. I love german shepherds, too cute! :heart:
  4. oh wow, you're not kidding when you said he'll be a little big brother - haha!

    puppies are just the cutest things in the world! (next to kittens :p)
  5. Love this! I always wanted a boy doggie named Thor!
  6. Too cute and I love his name! Congrats!
  7. thanks everyone, yes dexter is going to be so happy to have him though! He needs a buddy and he loves everyone and everything! lol But yes i was just being random on thinking of names and said Thor and now my husband wont let me change it. I think its pretty fitting though :smile:
  8. aww! they're going to be a cute pair
  9. im very excited for them to meet!! another 3 weeks and they will!!

  10. went a visted him today!! 5 weeks old. only a few more weeks to go!

    getting tagged lol




    him with my husband

  11. SOOOO CUTE!! Congratulations on your new addition.
  12. awwww what a cutie!!!
  13. thank you, about 2 more weeks and he should be home with us.

    its torture waiting!! lol
  14. what a sweetie. And a big name he has.
  15. OMG those ears!!! So floppy and oh so cute!!!! I am loving the picture of him with his tongue out! Congrats on your new pup!!!!