Destination Weddings !!

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  1. I'm wondering what the proper bridal shower etiquette is for destination weddings, which require that guests travel (to Mexico or Jamaica for example). Does the bride still have all the traditional showers, etc? Are guest expected to spend as much on a gift as if the wedding were in town?

    Please could i have your opinions ?
  2. The brides still have showers. And depending on the situation I think people are still expected to spend as much on gifts even though its a destination wedding.

    Personally I would never have one. I think its too much to ask guests to travel a long distance AND buy gifts.
  3. My cousin is having his wedding in Puerto Vallarta & it is a huge burden for most of the brides family. I think if you want to do this you need to have showers & receptions in your hometown before the wedding itself.
  4. the only destination wedding i've attended was my sister's. we spent the same amount of money on gifts that we would have had she gotten married in town. plus we got an excuse for a vacation out of it (hubby HATES travelling).

    i think gifts should always reflect the closeness of the relationship you have with the couple, not how much you've already spent on travel/bridesmaid dresses/showers etc. they're two seperate things imho.

    if i had my wedding to do over, it would DEFINATELY be a destination wedding. it automatically weeds down the guestlist without hurting anyone's feelings. plus, it's sunny!:beach:
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