Desperately want a Kooba but need help making the choice...

  1. So it's between an ivory Charlie and a white Elisha... I would rather have an ivory bag rather than white, but it is really just a toss up as to which bag I like better! Any opinions??
  2. I'd like to help but are not familiar with Kooba.. have you got any links to a picture?
  3. Love them both-I have the Elisha in red and adore it. I think the Charlie is great in cream though!:woohoo:
  4. What will you be using them for. I think the Charlie is a little more professional where the Elisha is more casual.
  5. have you thought at all about the natasha? i got one and last weekend went to visit a friend in new york...i got TONS of compliments on it...i own several koobas and the natasha is VERY lightweight sits nice on the shoulder and carries a lot...all that being said i love the elisha!!!
  6. Thanks for the opinions ladies! ginaf20697, the bag will be for work and play, so I do agree that the charlie is a little more professional, and the elisha is a little more playful. I do love the natasha as well, songofthesea, but was thinking it was too big, but how do you feel about it? The only think is I don't want a HUGE bag because I have to tote my briefcase and a handbag, so I'd rather not look like I am going away for the weekend everyday to and from work! Public transportation with a ton of stuff can get really annoying!
  7. If this bag is going to work, the Charlie might be a better choice. The Elisha reminds me of a party dress with a bow at the waist, much more feminine.

    I ordered her little sister, Bonnie in red.
  8. And the Charlie is a little more versatile as it has a short handle or shoulder strap that is removeable.
  9. OK, so I think I decided on the Charlie, and I've heard lots of ladies talk about eBay seller lninos and how he (I believe I read lninos is a man) only sells authentic bags. I contacted him about having a charlie and he said he could order it for me with some sort of down payment. I just want to make SURE this guy is legit before I send him money! Any advice from his customers? Has anyone done this?
  10. I've bought well over a dozen bags from LNinos (5 this last 2 weeks). He's my Gem! He's ordered me a Charlie also. That's where I got my Nicoles and Elisha from and my Charlie and Nina when it comes in. He's wonderful to deal with. No worry about authenticity or legitimacy. He just needs a downpayment because otherwise if he orders the bag for you and you back out, he's stuck with it. He emails you as soon as they come in and he mails the same day usually. He's a man of few words because I believe English is not his first language but he's excellent and very communicative.
  11. I have ordered a Kooba from him as well. *s
  12. I think you'll love the Charlie. The ivory leather on Kooba's spring line is yummy!
  13. Charlie is gorgeous!
  14. I would also go for the is soo gorgeous! My best friend also ordered from lninos as well and the bag she got was beautiful :smile: