Desperately seeking a Magenta First...

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I was so close to getting a brand new Magenta first on eBay but the seller ended her listing :crybaby: ! Anyway is eBay my only option for attaining a brand new Magenta first? :shrugs:
    :heart: DQ :heart:

    buying/selling/trading is not allowed on tPF, thanks!
  2. I'm sure another one will be available soon :smile: just keep looking!
  3. Looks like rosetintsmyworld is selling her Magenta First!!:yahoo:
  4. Hang in there! They still pop up from time to time in brand new condition. Just keep a steady look out for them. ;)
  5. Hi I am new to this..can you buy sell or trade with each other on this forum??
  6. just a reminder to all, buying/selling/trading is not allowed on this forum! :flowers: ;)
  7. Okay, thanks:smile::smile:
  8. Aww thanks girls! *Hugs* Yeah I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a brand new Magenta first on eBay...
  9. Please send me a PM or email or smoke signal (whichever that's most convenient) if you girls see one around. Thanks! =)
  10. Check eBay..there is one on there!! I am looking for one as please pm me too!!!!;)
  11. Thanks but that's a Magenta Purse. I'm looking for a Magenta first sweetie. :love:
  12. Sorry I didn't read the description..just saw the pic...good luck to you though!
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