!!!Desperate Need of Chanel Agenda!!!

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  1. :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
    I just don't understand why I can't find one ANYWHERE!!! I love Chanel; just so classy! I'm begining my "buisness life" and I just can't see myself with an "At A Glance" planner!!! Does anyone have any info on how to get one?
  2. Well, I've been looking for one for 5 years, so if you find a place that sells them, PLEASE let me know!!!!
  3. I definitely will. The quest continues......!
  4. I almost bought a cambon one a few years ago. It was around $600 at the Chanel boutique in Tyson's Corner, VA.
  5. ^^I have never seen them either. I would love a large one.
  6. I have a small Chanel agenda in silver. They had them at NM in Short Hills, NJ last week.
  7. some stores still have the cambon agendas available.
  8. You know, this sort of ticks me off. I have REPEATEDLY told the Chanel boutique manager at the NM near me that I want one. For the past 5 years I have told her. She has said that they have not been made in more than 8 years or so. Now I hear that the boutique in Tysons has them or had them and they are at NM in NJ. It makes me wonder why a SA would lie about that. I spend money through you, don't you want the sale? Or is it not ENOUGH money so the SA won't bother?

    Looks my SA in no longer my SA.:mad:
  9. The Hawaii boutique has them from time to time, you should call.
    Also the Chanel outlet has had some agendas:yes:
  10. Swanky Mama, can you post the info on the Chanel outlet? I'm going to do a search also, but I'm finding I'm still not sure how to do a "good" search, lol. TIA.
  11. ack, I don't have it, let me try a search.

    Tip about searching, try not to input much info.
    Select the Chanel Forum and type in outlet, that way it doesn't filter too much out.
  12. I found lots of conversation, but no contact info.
    But it's in Woodbury Commons Outlet mall in NY from what I gathered.
  13. The number to the Woodbury Common outlet is (845)928-1550. Good luck..
  14. ^^I am going to call the Hawaii Boutique. My GST was shipped from there to the New York store. They must have good stock there.
  15. I edited my post to say I found the thread about the outlets; funny, it didn't take :shrugs: .

    However, I called NM in Short Hills and they are sending my a silver agenda!!!!:yahoo: Thank you to the one who mentioned this!