Desperate Housewives Season 7

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  1. Who's watching tonight? :biggrin:
  2. I will be recording it and watching at 10 after Dexter! I am so sad that they are on at the same time!
  3. Omg I had no idea it came on tonight! Hell yes!
  4. I am!! Half an hour more :smile:
  5. I will be! So excited to have Vanessa Williams as a part of the cast now. She is gorgeous! Can't wait!!
  6. Me! Did they get a new actor for carlos?
  7. Carlos does look different!
  8. It's the same guy, but he's lost a lot of weight!
  9. i noticed that right away! holy moly.
  10. I didn't realize who Carlos even was until I heard him talk haha he looks sooo different
  11. Carlos deff looks like he lost a lot of weight! Good for him! Ok how many of you can see the whole him not telling Gabby about the baby switch coming up because the kid will get sick or something? I mean come on!!
  12. i was thinking it was susans kid that was a switch guess i was wrong
  13. James Denton hosted a viewing party for the Season Premier at Harry Carry's Restaurant in Chicago tonight!! Wish I knew that!! I would have gone!!
  14. Yeah, in some scenes it didn't even look like Carlos anymore, but I was looking at his teeth, mouth everything and I didn't recognize him sometimes!
  15. I want Bree to hook up with the handyman... that would be such a good change of things for her!

    I have a feeling Gaby is preggy, something about her holding her tummy saying she wants to throw up and then the moodswings maybe foreshadows that? or maybe i read too much into things

    carlos looks weird without the mustache!