Designing your own credit card

  1. I want to custom design my credit card (by uploading a picture on the net and getting made etc.), and I was thinking of putting a murakami design like the panda (or Versace's Medusa logo) or something on it, do you think that would be weird? I think I might feel a bit weird using it at LV boutiques. I dont know, what do you guys think?
  2. the panda would be very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice bright colors and not too LV-in-your-face imo.
  3. it'd look cute but can you use trademarked logo's?
  4. With normal banks you cant, but with this prepaid credit card thing called bopo it says nothing about using trademarked logos, and if i get knocked back, I do but its worth a try imo.
  5. i dont think that would be completely legal.
  6. ^^
  7. i think it would look cute. but is it legal>?
  8. yea, I don't know if you can really do that...
  9. Im not 100% if it would be legal but I know that if you chage the image to some extent then the original owner cannot claim that it is his work.
  10. ^ not strictly true I don't know all the in's and out of the law but this year M&S (high street UK chain) was sued by Jimmy Choo for selling a duplicate bag previously Jimmy Choo would have had to prove everything was identical but the law has changed and now all the y have to prove is one thing is the same.

    So I'm guessing if it is the same as the original design in anyway this can cause problems,