Designer shoes for petite feet??

  1. To all the women out there with petite feet (like mine), where do you find shoes that fit? I'm talking about sizes less than a 6.

    For myself, shopping for shoes is something I love doing, but I rarely find anything that fits. I'm also a bit wary of online shopping, because my size can fluctuate anywhere from 4 from 6.

    Is there anyone with the same problem as mine? If so, then where do you shop for small designer shoes?
  2. Manolos - they make small sizes like 35. I don't have that problem, though
  3. I wear a 5.5, sometimes a 5, sometimes a 6. I can wear just about any type of shoe as long as they come in my size. I bought some Manolos that were 5.5 and was told they don't come any smaller though, but they guy could have just been trying to sell me the shoes they had. I can wear CL's in 5.5 even though some people have to size up in them.
  4. I have small feet too, usually a size 5, but lots of designers make small shoes. I find the sizing varies a lot by shoe style, so you have to try a lot of pairs on. I have Jimmy Choos in 35 -- I have found that CLs in 35 fit me too, but I've yet to buy a pair. For mid-priced shoes I like Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors and Cole-Haan. For in SW and MK I'm usually a 5, I find CH runs small so I often take up to a 6. Both Saks and Bergdorf usually have small sizes in stock.