Designer Shoe Price Increases - Interesting Article

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  1. yep I read this in my Sunday Times paper and thought such pretty shoes ^^ but I'm not the type of person to drop $$ on a pair of shoes, purses yes but not on shoes
  2. Interesting article and cute title. Maybe the reason women are going for shoes now is because buying tons of bags, at over a grand a pop, is just not feasible in this economic climate. Shoes, relative to the bag, are more 'affordable'.
  3. Thanks for posting this link. The article was very interesting. I know that there are big markups, but wow:

    "Still, retailers -- be they sleek behemoths or quaint boutiques -- mark up shoes 2.4 to three times the wholesale price. (On clothes and bags, the average markup is generally twice the wholesale price.) A pair of shoes that wholesale for $200 to $250 retail for $600. Exotic skins such as python, eel and stingray ratchet up costs even more. The same goes for ornate accents such as the mirrored heels on those ballyhooed Balenciaga sandals or the sculpted flower stem heel on Prada's latest pumps."

    I think that I will try to shop more during the sales...
  4. i agree, vive les soldes!!Sales are a must, obviously, just have to be lucky in sizing ...
  5. same thing happened with handbags a couple years back too . . . . i remember buying a gucci bardot bag for $640 and a pair of gucci horsebit sandals for $325 back on '04
  6. Thanks for posting the article. I do agree that paying over 1000 for a pair of shoes is a bit ridiculous unless they were my wedding shoes is a bit ridiculous. However, I wish I could say that I could shop at sales, but I can't. They never have my size in any shoes I want. So if I want it, I have to buy it full price.
  7. Thank you. Very interesting article. 3x mark up? That's disgusting!
  8. Hmmm, so it looks like bags are out and shoes are in? I guess we'd better rename this the shoe forum!