Designer sandwich bags

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  1. I wonder if my unborn, imaginary kids would get made fun of if I packed their lunch with designer sandwich bags or if the other kids would think its cool.

    I dunno, I went to a weird elementary school, we used to think it was really awesome when our moms wrote us notes on napkins. Apparently it's not that way everywhere!
  2. LOL. Love the flip flops. They think of everything these days.

    That made my day when my mom used to do that!! Ah, the good 'ol days.
  3. That is so adorable! I would get those for my kid.:smile:
  4. Cute, but it seems a little unnecessary for something you're going to toss anyways ! I'd rather invest in some serious tupperware.
  5. Maybe these same people make tupperware! Designer tupperware ;] lol
  6. Those are so cute. I want them. lol
  7. They are cute....I wouldn't want to throw them out!
  8. It's really cute, but seriously, what will people think of next? Designer toilet paper?
  9. Yea, LV mono TP! Nothing but the best for your @$$!
  10. hehehe! cute! but i'll stick with the Tupperware! hehehe! i love Tupperware!
  11. :lol: !
  12. My mom would have sooooooo used these for us!!!!
  13. i love the hearts one.. it's so cute :smile:
  14. :lol: