Designer Jeans @ TJ Maxx

  1. I bought some jeans off eBay that were "NWT" and I get them today, and the tags are from TJMaxx... . . . haha. Anyways, the jeans look/fit like authentic seven jeans. They match up with my other ones. The ones at TJMaxx are authentic, right? Has anyone bought them from there? And how much do they sell for... she had the pr ice tag ripped off, and I'm paid around 65$ for them on eBay. Should I be mad?:confused1:
  2. What if they're not on there-- does that mean they're fake?
  3. You can post pics and have someone authenticate them. If they are fake, you can file a claim through paypal.
  4. it's pretty rare that fakes come from tjmaxx, i wouldn't worry much.
  5. tj maxx does sell authentics, but fakes appear occassionally. as to what the seller originally paid for the item... what does that matter? are the jeans somehow worth less because they come from tj maxx? if you were happy enough to bid the $65, why would you be mad that they have a TJ maxx tag? many eBay sellers are trying to make a couple bucks, i'm not sure why there would be any reason to be upset about that. if they make a profit, is that upsetting?
  6. I wouldn't be mad. I have seen authentic jeans at TJ Maxx.
  7. i bought an authentic seven jeans on sale at tj maxx for $20
  8. TJ Maxx's stock is all real, you'll only get fakes if some person bought the jeans and returned fake ones. If there's an original TJ Maxx tag on them (and not a ghetto-looking one that the store printed out to stick back on the return, sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about) they should be fine. :yes:
    7FAM jeans at TJ Maxx are $100 (angelthelson I'm jealous of your $20 find!). So $65 is a really good deal, definitely don't be upset!
    (erm, just realized this post revealed my TJ Maxx obsession.. yes I do shop there alllll the time, LOL.)
  9. I just saw a bunch of 7FAM jeans at my TJMaxx and they were definitely authentic. They were $100 though so I decided to skip out- I just bought 3 pair of Citizens and 7FAM from Revolve last week and paid $70 each so I was spoiled. I wouldn't be worried much about authenticity from TJMaxx. Just make sure they feel right. Since yours seem to feel good to you, there's probably nothing to worry about :smile:
  10. In was at a TJ Maxx in San Antonio 2 days ago and I saw tons of Sevens for 79-99$ depending on the cut & wash. I have tons of sevens myself and they were all authentic.
  11. Yeah I get a lot of designer jeans at TJMaxx. They are usually older styles but who cares? They are still great fitting jeans. I usually find pairs for $70 or $80 though I have seen some still priced above $100. My best friend somehow finds pairs for $39.99..dunno how she does it!
  12. Oh wow.. I totally forgot about this thread. Yeah, they were fine. I got them authenticated at the authentic forum.. it's like tPF but for jeans. Crazy stuff.. haha.
  13. Great Deal!! I got my Joe's at TJ's for $60.00 and let me tell you, they are it!! One important thing to keep in mind is to know what you are buying. If you know the models, the fabric, the tags, the seams, you should be fine with what you see in a pic. Do your leg work and get to know what you want by visiting the stores that sell the "real thing". That way, you would not have an issue with authenticity in the future.
  14. This just happened to me too-I bought a great bikini on eBay-yes, retail, $120 for 29.99-and the seller left the $10 TJMAXX tags on! Still a good deal, but I would have taken off the $10 tags!