Designer Bags on Amazon

  1. Are the designer bags on authentic? Has anyone ever purchased from them. Thank you :dothewave:
  2. Most of the ones I've seen were other businesses selling through Amazon and were not authentic. Be careful...
  3. ^^ I agree with ZZ. I never have myself and it would not be my first choice. Authenticate, authenticate!
  4. grrr fakes are a pain!
  5. I purchased a Moni Moni red hobo from Amazon about a month ago. 2 weeks after I received it I noticed that it went on sale for about 1/2 offf. I call them and they PAed for me right away. Great customer service. The bag is authentic and sooooo soft and beautiful.
  6. I bought a Fendi through Amazon that was listed from Jomashop. It was the same price as on their site, but since it was through Amazon I could use my gift certificates.

    It took about a week to come, and it was authentic.

    I think you just have to watch who the seller is - I trust Jomashop and Amazon, but not sure about any others.
  7. Amazon has their own website (beta but active) selling authentic bags and shoes:

    It carries many brands in good deal, but it doesn't have those so called "Premium Designer" bags, yet.
  8. I recall that another member bought a Prada bag that was being sold directly by Amazon and it was real. However, some of the folks selling through Amazon are selling fakes. As far as I know, Jomashop is legit, though.