Design Your Own Rogue

  1. Unfortunately you can't, they don't put the front and back color in separately, it's one line item.
  2. Oh darn that would have been pretty cool if so. Thanks for answering!
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  3. I ordered on January 17th. It was supposed to arrive April 25th. So after digging, seems they made a mistake in the wearhouse. All suede bags with python handles have the same product code (regardless of color). So they had two suede Rogues with python handles and mixed them up in shipment. Thankfully, my bag arrived in NY today.. a different color than what I ordered, but turns out it was a gorgeous mistake! Have you heard anything else about yours???
  4. IMG_3053.jpg Here is my MTO #2!!!! I ordered Oxblood suede and instead got a color that apparently is not even an option for MTO?!? Not sure how that happened as the order itself was correct. Anyhow, turns out to be a gorgeous mistake!
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  5. Omg!!! I love this combo!! I may have to reconsider python handles!! I didn't like the peeling but this is gorgeous!!!
  6. So what color is it? It looks oxblood to me. I'm confused
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  7. And that is a great question... she said it was supposed to be Oxblood, but it is Burgundy...?!? She held the Oxblood suede swatch up to this bag and it was not the same. I think this is darker...
  8. Oh my I always thought Oxblood is darker than Burgundy! But it sure is a gorgeous combo!! You don't have to give it back do you? I am hoping you get to keep it.
  9. They left that decision up to me... they are shipping it to me; if I like it, I truly have a one of a kind bag; if I don't, I send it back for a full refund, or reorder... I already love it from the picture! Honestly, this was the color I thought I was getting according to the rendering, but really hoped it would turn out be the color of the suede sides of the Chalk Rogue with multi-color python handles that they have on the website now. Regardless, it is beautiful!
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  10. Hi, may I know what your rogue product code is? Wondering if the MTO python handle rogues has the same code as those that are sold in all other stores
  11. I wonder if they used the suede that is inside the black 25 tea rose rogue. I know that is darker, but a similar color because I originally wanted the oxblood suede thinking it was the same color as the tea rose suede.
  12. Gorgeous!! What color is this?
  13. Never mind my post where I asked what is this?! I thought it was oxblood too. It's very pretty.
  14. It's gorgeous!!!
  15. Here is the oxblood suede compared to the suede inside the black 25 tea rose rogue.
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