Desert Hills Premium Outlets, CA

  1. I really want to go soon and was wondering how the outlets there are. Any so cal ladies gone lately? I'm really interested in finding a Burberry scarf for my boyfriend. Are the deals great? Is it worth the trip? How about TR, Lucky brand jeans, and Lacoste? Those are my main stores. I would love some advice before my trip. I don't want to go and end up seeing higher prices than what I may be expecting. Any tips would be appreciated. TIA!!
  2. Can't really help you with the stores and what they have there, but there is a coupon on for lucky, 15% off from dec. 7-9
  3. I love these outlets. There are over 100 stores, so you are bound to find some good deals. The last time I went was in September and I got a pair of TR Billy jeans for $85! The off Saks there also has a lot of really good deals. It gets super cold there in the winter, so make sure to wear layers :smile:
  4. The last time I went, which was maybe 2 months ago, Burberry had lots of nice ties, scarves and even bags. I always find something at Lacoste, button ups (for guys), and sweaters for both girls and guy. True Religion always has good stuff and you might want to check out AG too, the jeans fit so nice! Saks always has tons of jeans, and usually have the buy 1 get 2nd 50% off. GOOD LUCK!
  5. been months since i've been there but
    yes, do go to and sign up for the vip club.
    you will be able to print online coupons and you also get to see the stores that are available.
    i print out the coupons everytime before i go and you can print out a coupon for you to collect a vip coupon book when you are there too.
    hope this helps!
  6. Thanks for the advice ladies. I'm going tomorrow and really excited. Hope to come home with tons of stuff and get my xmas shopping done. :yahoo:
  7. Good luck... Have fun.. I would get there as early as possible.