1. Hey there,
    Have any of you guys tried dermalogica products? If so, what are your thoughts on it?
    Thanks!! :smile:
  2. no.... but i have heard so many good things about it.
  3. Oppies double post. Does anyone know how I can delete one?
  4. I have the eye vitamin cream -> great sent, soft- but doesn´t hydrate
    active moist : good for the summer, doesn´t cause break outs, maybe too liquid
    Barrier Repair : supposed to make a protective film on your skin, I dont know if it works, but it definitely makes your skin ultra soft and smooth !!
    But I would like to try more of their products (but they are super expensive here), they smell of plants, use silicon that make your skin soft, and are gentle with sensitive skin......only problem : no SPF so you have to get the extra little SPF 30 bottle on top.
    I also like the minimalist clean design of their packagings
  5. Dermalogica is really lovely. I use:
    gentle cleansing gel
    active moist
    vitamin eye cream

    I definitely recommend them!
  6. I use the eye cream, hydrating cream, and vitamin c mask. Love the products and the smell.
  7. i used their products for years. I really liked them. the only one i still buy is the barrier repair. i started going to sonya dakar for facials, and she sure suckers you into using her stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! But dermalogica is definately worth the$$$$
  8. I use the Daily Microfoliant and it's great. Leaves my skin super soft. I should be using it more often, but only remember to use it every couple of weeks.
  9. I had a facial done in September & the esthetician recommended the Oil Control Lotion and the Daily Microfoliant. She also gave me a sample of the Pre-Cleanse & I love all three! Definite must-have on the Christmas list this year. :yes:
  10. I just bought the daily microfoliant and I must say, this stuff is awesome! I'm in love! I already went and got a bottle for my mother.
    I also tried a sample of the precleanse and it also is amazing, I think I might just have to try the whole line.