Derek Lam Clothide Clutch is here....

  1. ....from the Art of Shop sale. It's such a nice clutch, I got the cream. Soooo nice! It's a little heavy for a clutch, but the hardware is really substantial, so that's probably why. I love the ram's head clasp. Has anyone else gotten their bags from the sale?
  2. Pictures pictures pictures!!!!!! :graucho:
  3. Here are the pics!
    dereklam1.jpg dereklam2.jpg dereklam4.jpg dereklam3.jpg
  4. Ohhh drooooooooooool. I LOVE IT!!!!! So chic and pretty. :nuts:

    That clasp is so cool too! That's my favorite part. And the pink lining. I just love it. Now I wish I had bought one!
  5. It's gorgeous - love it! Thanks for the pics. It looks great on you! :smile:
  6. It's soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much was it again? I wish I had got one too!

    OT - uninspiredstar, is that a pancake on your bunny's head in your avatar? Lol! Adorable...
  7. It was $425, down from $990.
  8. Gorgeous- love the ram heads clasp!
  9. Wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CLASP!! The only reason I'd purchase a Derek Lam bag.
  10. That is sharp looking! I have heard that the hardware is extremely heavy. Imagine that weight on a normal-sized handbag! Eek.
  11. Yes -- it IS heavy! It's okay for this size, but I agree, on a normal bag, I think it would be uncomfortable!
  12. Haha...yeah, I "borrowed" the bunny pic from a diff't forum that I'm usually on. Of course, I would never "torture" a bunny w/a pancake on its
  13. Congrats! It looks gorgeous!