Deputies Raid Home Of Rapper DMX 2 Dogs Seized; Others Found Buried

  1. OMG I thought he loved his dogs!
  2. Those poor dogs :crybaby:
  3. I'd really like to hear more about this case. The article says, "A source told CBS 5 News that someone had recently been hired to take care of DMX's dogs while he is in New York. Neighbors said they haven't seen DMX for several months." :shrugs:

    Very sad, but would be even more sad if he thought they were in good hands.
  4. So disgusting. I don't know why people have dogs or any type of animal and they don't take care of them.
  5. Enough is enough with these celebs thinking they are the judge and jury of innocent animals lives. This makes me soooooooooo sick!! At one point last year, he supposedly was making dog clothes, so this I really don't get. I too, thought he loved his dogs. Who is gonna be outed next??
  6. What? Not another. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?
  7. He should be shot.
  8. ugh* what a f*@ker! someone who loves their dogs does not leave them for months at a time to begin with. Aside from neglecting and starving them. These people are a waste of air.
  9. I have known that DMX was a LOSER for a long time now.

    This is DISGUSTING and I am SO SICK of people (especially 'celebrities') thinking that it is OK to treat animals like this!
  10. Errrr So the guy HIRED to take care of the dogs said they didn't have enough water or food?

    HELLO? Get them water? Buy them food? Create shade? WTF. :tdown:
  11. Exactly! WTF are these people thinking? Things like this just make my blood boil....
  12. I see it all the time. The only GOOD thing out of this case and M. Vick's shocking cruelty, is that they bring attention what happens everyday. They help to show people that cruelty is real, and that a phone call to report it can stop it.

    Poor poor pups.
  13. ^ Yeah, animal cruelty is very common, unfortunately, but the good thing about these celebrity cases is that they bring a lot more attention to the issue.