Depressing people suck.

  1. Does anyone else hate being around pessimistic,depressing,sad people?

    I must say, when I talk to a person in this stage, it really brings ME down.

    You try to be a friend and help them cope or whatever..but if they can't help themselves then what are WE to do?

    I am just irritated.

    I can't deal with this depressed friend. I am there for them when they need but everyday it's " Oh, I want to jump off a cliff." or, " I am so bored with my life" or...better yet..they say " I DON'T CARE" all the time.

    I really hate to be around this kind of negative force!!!!!

    What the heck am I suppose to do?

    Anyone feel what I'm saying? :cursing:
  2. Totally agree..people like that bring others's horrible.
  3. Yeah. for sure. I have lovely days and when I come around to talk to this person, it totally makes me feel like poop.
  4. ITA. I want to listen but after awhile it seems like they like to be depressed and I get tired of hearing the same things over and over.
  5. We can be a friend to them and try to help them through things, but if they don't help themselves then whats next????
  6. I think it means you move on. I had a friend like that. I tried and tried to be there for her. Eventually, it got to be an unhealthy relationship. She would send me nasty emails if I didn't return her call within 15 minutes and go on and on about how I wasn't being there for her, etc... I was at work and oftentimes, I couldn't drop everything to listen to her go on about the same things. You can only be there for someone so much but you need to establish boundaries too.
  7. I don't like it either. Brings me down when my friends are depressed.
  8. OK, I am sorry...I don't know the whole story of course...but just in general your post sounds very selfish.

    I am pretty sure your friend would love to be carefree and not depressed.

    Depression is a very serious illness and deserves our understanding and patience not contempt and ridicule.
  9. ^^Twinkle, yes I know it was kinda selfish after I re-read my post 5 mins later!

    Its just a b!tch rant. I will try to be more sincere about her feelings but I have my own problems too and I can't be there for her 24/7. I have done and still am doing the best role as a friend to her as I can handle.

    She doesn't know I feel this way. I still do stick around and hear her out. I just needed to vent a bit b/c I don;t think she knows her depression also affects me too.
  10. ITA! I have battled with severe depression in conjuction with bipolar disorder for years. I have had to be hospitliezed for attempts to take my own life on 3 occassions. Its not something that can just go away by will.
  11. As twinkle and louisloves have pointed out, depression is an illness.

    While it is not an illness that can be cured even by the cheeriest and most loving friend, it is an illness that can be treated.

    Have you explored your friend's thoughts on getting some help?

    It might be that the best thing you can do for her is help her, if she needs it, to understand that depression is like diabetes. It's an illness. You get help for it, get it treated, then you feel better, and go back to living your life!
  12. Are you sure this 'friend' is really a friend? If my friend would say those things or be negative all the time, I would definitely say something and make every effort to get him/her help. I would ask questions and give as much support as possible. Perhaps you don't really like this person. If this person is making you upset, then you should definitely move on and just leave him/her alone.
  13. my DH suffers from depression and takes meds for it. The best thing you can do beside encouraging her to seek professional help is to just tell her, "I'm very sorry you are feeling this way. I wish I could help you but I don't have the answers. But I will always listen to you when you need me to." Then just give her a huge hug. Its human nature to want to try to "fix" people like this and try to come up for solutions for them. But its best just to listen and empathize. Not to be confused with encouraging them to stay depressed but just to agree with them that yeah, life/people sucks sometimes, but hey, you have me for a friend! Be a good listener and she will eventually tire herself out. Admit your powerlessness over her feelings to her and to yourself. When she realizes that you are not her saviour, hopefully she will look for a good doc.
  14. Hey bagnshoo! Where you been? I was asking for you the other day, hoping you would provide translation services, I was having a sort of of episode of particularly severe euphemismish...

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