Denver Broncos Darrent Williams killed in drive by

  1. I can't get the story straight, I just heard on Fox that he and a lady friend were leaving a nightclub and he was shot. There of course is a rumor that there had been an argument in the club. I feel bad for his family. What a waste.
  2. Not a fan.... but I'm so outraged by this, also the girl that was also shot may not make it.
  3. How horrible! He was so young.:sad:
  4. I agree. What a cowardly thing any drive-by shooting is, and what a terrible tragedy. I wish his family a resolution to this crime and some measure of peace.
  5. this was the first thing BF told me when we woke up after a great New Year's. What a horrible tragedy. My prayers to his family and to the others for a recovery!!
  6. He played at my alma mater, Oklahoma State. I found out this morning and have felt so sad all day. He had 2 children, I'm so sorry for his family and friends. :sad:
  7. How tragic...
  8. Wow... it's weird because I just saw the Broncos play. How horribly tragic. It's awful. My condolences to his family and friends, not to mention his small children.
  9. I'm glad it wasn't about the game they lost, but it sounds like the alternative isn't any better. RIP
  10. I heard that he had one child but I didn't know he had two. Not that its any less sad b/c there are two children but now two not just one child will grow up without a father. I sure hope they find out who did this and just don't put in the in "Unsolved Case" file. :rant:
  11. Yes, he has a 7 year old son and a 4 year old daughter.:confused1:
  12. Just awful. Makes me so sad to hear these things.
  13. that really is awful hope they catch the:censor: that did it.
  14. So sorry for his family.