Dentelle Poll Again!


What are you planning to get? -OR- Which one do you want?

  1. Fersen Gold

  2. Fersen Silver

  3. Kirsten Gold

  4. Kirsten Silver

  5. BH Gold

  6. BH Silver

  7. Speedy Gold

  8. Speedy Silver

  9. Ludlow Gold

  10. Ludlow Silver

  11. Porte Monnaie Billets Gold

  12. Porte Monnaie Billets Silver

  13. Poch Pte Gold

  14. Poch Pte Silver

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which one do you want or plan on getting? You can select more than one on the poll.

    I am so excited for this line that I may be getting both the Speedy and Kirsten. :yahoo:
  2. Either Speedy Silver or Gold. whichever one I get ;)
  3. Billfold or pochette wallet in Gold~!
  4. I am on the reservation list for the Kirsten in gold but my Sa has informed me that my store is not receiving it is my WISH purchase:sad:
  5. I'd love the look of Dentelle ITL but I think I'd rather get the speedy 30 in Azur. The wallets were really cute but I bought a groom wallet in the fall but maybe if I sell:idea: that one- I'll get a wallet in dentelle- I have to see.
  6. I really like the ludlow in gold.
  7. Waitlisted for the Kirsten/gold, but I want a Speedy too.
  8. bh gold!
  9. Does anybody like the Fersen? What is going on with this piece? I think it's beautiful, I don't see anyone mention it:confused1: Maybe it's not as popular as the other bags.:shrugs:
  10. I orginially had wanted the gold speedy, but after seeing the silver in person.....I'm going with the silver!! So pretty, I can't wait!! :yahoo:
  11. I have the silver poch pte already I have waitlisted for the Silver Kirsten but I can't make up my mind and after seeing the speedy in the other thread I like!!
  12. Aaah - my store hasn't gotten ANY in yet, I can't wait, I hope my gold speedy gets here soon.
  13. Is the silver really silver? It looks white on the pics.
  14. nothing :sweatdrop: ... I'm still not feeling it :shrugs:
  15. I'm not really planning on getting anything from the Dentelle line, but I do like the Fersen in gold.