Dentelle: I'm so not feeling it! Not even this scarf...

  1. OK I finally had a chance to see the Dentelle bags IRL today. Honestly, I was shocked by what appeared to be poor craftsmanship. The silkscreening is already peeling away. I found the lace pattern too busy and heavy. I do not like this line at all. Please be sure to see it in real life before you purchase it. I don't even like the Dentelle Scarf!

  2. I like the scarf but I don't really have a need for it it's a bit to small as a shawl and too big for bags etc.

    Going on sunday for the Kirsten in Silver (of course if I like it) I haven't seen a "real life" pic yet so don't know if it's coming home or not yet
  3. My eyes are getting dizzy looking at that scarf. It's so busy!!!
  4. I love the Dentelle, but the silk screening on the scarf is making me see double vision.
  5. :yes: I agree! It would look better if the lines weren't overlapping and just one line ...
  6. yes, that scarf is making me cross-eyed :push:

    but i think the silkscreen print is supposed to look like it is peeling or fading. i thought they're supposed to be like the initial chalk markings for the embroidery.
  7. Honestly I'm not really into this collection either
  8. I don't think am buying any Dentelle bags
  9. Me too! I think it is kind of cute though.
  10. I like the gold!!!! Hopefully ti looks that good on the bags!
  11. To be honest, I don't really like any of the new designs :x
  12. I called and took my name of the list today just dont like it
  13. Yeah stef, I'm not feeling this line either much....I didn't from the beginning and it's not going to get a hold of me, so it's good because I can focus on other lines :yes: :heart:

  14. I actually like the scarf but I am disappointed to hear that it has poor craftmanship. I 'd definitely have to see it in person.

    Did you like the Dentelle line before seeing it?
  15. I feel like I have to cross my eyes to be able to look at it correctly.