dental stuff for my cat

  1. I recently took my 6 year old cat to the vet and they told me that she needed a teeth cleaning that would cost...


    I mean, my own teeth cleaning doesn't cost a quarter as much:yes:. It's because they have to knock her out to do so. :sad:

    So I took my cat home and tried to use pet toothpaste on her (We used to use those dental treats all the time). And she refused to open her mouth to even taste it. :cursing:

    Do any of you have any suggestions? I feel that it's ridiculous for $770 teeth cleaning if she's not sick...
  2. Did your vet mention if your cat actually has any type of dental disease? Or is the cleaning just a preventive measure?

    If your kitty has diseased gums/teeth, then I would definitely get the cleaning done because mouth infections can lead to a whole bunch of other serious issues (including heart problems). Also, it is actually better for a cat to have no teeth than to have diseased unhealthy teeth. So if there is irritation, decay, etc., the vet may need to remove some teeth.

    But, if your vet is only recommending this a preventive measure, I'd get a second opinion from a different vet. I had a cat who lived to the ripe old age of 17 and never once had her teeth cleaned (and never had any mouth/teeth issues).

    As for brushing your kitty's teeth - I wouldn't bother. That is a habit you have to start at a very early age in order for them to tolerate it. At age 6, I really doubt kitty will every let you brush her teeth without a fight.
    Good luck!
  3. Getting a cat's teeth cleaned can be pretty costly because of the anesthesia. As kate79 said, if the vet recommended it because of diseased gums or teeth it is important to do it. My cats both needed dental work around age 6 and I was told that it was typical for cats of that age to need it. In both cases, they had to have extrations and the vet can't tell how many extrations are needed until they get in there. One of the cat's personality really perked up after she had a tooth removed and we felt terrible because we realized that she had been in pain for awhile.

    I would get a second opinion from another vet. We typically go to a vet that only treats cats and they gave us a $1200 estimate for one cat to have a teeth cleaning. We got a second opinion from the vet we take our dog to and he agreed that it needed to be done, but he charged around $350.

    I would give up on trying to brush your cat's teeth if you haven't been doing it all along. Most kitties are not cooperative. Good luck!
  4. that's such good advice, ladies! I'm going to ask the vet about whether it's prevention or something to correct a problem. I'll also get a second opinion...

    Do you know if the cleaning is something that is recurring like human teeth cleaning every 6 months? I need to be mentally prepared for that lol...
  5. It definately is not every 6 months. I think it may be every few years.
  6. :yes: Unless problems come up more frequently, I think the vet will just keep any eye on your kitty's teeth and cleaning is only done as needed, every few years.
  7. ^^ I agree - I have a cat who has gum problems and even for her they were recommending a yearly cleaning, if that. 6 months seems a little much. However, on the topic of cleaning teeth yourself, I got some chicken-flavored toothpaste (sounded DISGUSTING to me, but apparently great for cats) from an online store and a tiny toothbrush, and both cats that I have (one's 3 and one's 13) want to eat the toothpaste, so they tolerate having their teeth cleaned. We just started it with the 13-year-old, so I think it's possible to start with cats (depending on temperment) at a later age, definitely.
  8. the dentals are normally done every couple of years. One thing to prevent them needing to get it done more often is to make sure that your cat eats a lot of dried food, rather than the wet tinned food. I don't think that you will have any joy with trying to clean his teeth if he hasn't had it done before. I would get a second opinion with another vet, but if there is quite a lot of build up of plague etc, it may be better for you to get it done now as brushing his teeth/eating dried food is not going to get rid of a big build up of plague.
  9. That sounds very expensive - unless she is getting lots of teeth pulled out maybe?? My kitty had her teeth scaled and one pulled out and it was only $150.
    Your cat probably won't like the toothpaste,mine don't but I gently prise their mouth open on each side and give a few quick brushes - you don't need to do much brushing just enough to stop the tartare building up.
  10. Wow that's expensive. Didn't cost as much for my kittyboy..But if there's no other way I would pay it. Teeth are important :yes:
  11. My cat will be getting this done in december, since she will be five years old. I had no idea it was that much. Try to get vet insurance, it is, for us, $23 a month and includes pretty much everything(emergencies, visits, teeth cleaning, shots, etc.), but you do have to pay first then get reimbursed. I also brush her teeth at least once a week. I find the finger brush easier than the regular brush. She does good when it comes to brushing her teeth. Maybe to help keep her still, have someone else hold her, then open her mouth and brush, just forget her tasting it.
    Teeth cleaning is done usually once a year. It is very important, it's like us having to go every 6 months. The teeth cleaning usually starts when they are about five years old.
  12. Wow, I did not know it was that costly! :s
  13. That sounds like an awful lot.
    My cats are 8 and 10, and I take them to the vet's every year, and last year was the first time my vet recommended that the 8 year old get his teeth cleaned.

    I think it cost around $200.

    What they do isn't something you can do at home. That kitty toothbrushing is more like lifelong preventative stuff.

    If kitty has gum disease, she can be in a lot of pain.
    Also, they sometimes need to do extractions.
    (my kitty didn't need any pulled, luckily)

    My 10 year old is getting his done next month. I'm not sure of the price because I now have health insurance for them, but I will check.

    As others have said, I would ask your vet if this is their standard price for a teeth cleaning, or if kitty has some special need. If there's nothing extra needed, I would then call area vets for pricing.

    $770 is waaay out there, IMO.

    Please let us know if/when kitty goes in!
  14. My oldest cat is almost 20 years old. Several years ago they told me at the vet he should have his teeth cleaned. I didn't want to put him through general anesthesia and I wasn't eager to spend the money either. He's still here at 20 and his teeth seem to work fine. He has not gotten any infection from bacteria in his mouth either. May sound like I'm not a good kitty mommy but the way I see it, years ago no one did these things and the kitties don't like being messed with.
  15. It's an important aspect to animal health (just like ours) to have well-cared for teeth. Ask your vet how he/she graded your pet's dental (whether or not extractions would be involved, etc.)

    C.E.T. is a brand of pet toothpaste (flavors like Poultry, Beef, Seafood, Malt - sound appealing, don't they?) that are enzymatic. As long as you can apply the product, the enzymes will help break down plaque.

    I would definitely have the teeth cleaned. The $700 estimate should account for pre-operative bloodwork, anesthesia, the cleaning, (possible) extractions (plus x-rays if available at your facility), catheter, fluids, cardiac monitor and pain meds/antibiotics (if necessary). Good luck!